Something new this year. The stage will be located in a yoga area, near Shambhala, a festival that highlights the most beautiful and one can say the magic meadow.
On the stage, next to the Shambhala will only play appropriate music – soft, very “live” on those instruments that are not usually heard – flute, trumps, drums, sitar and Hang. Hang will be even two – of Chisinau and Kiev. We are thrilled that out of all this work ….
Of course, be sure and drums, but only as an underscore “meditative” flow.

At the moment, meditative scene stated:

Kwathula — hang, didjeridoo

Kwathula was born in 2014, a duo of two cosmic instruments – hang and didjeridoo. It is a harmonic unity of contrasting vibrations – deep Earth and light Air. Since 2016, we are three –...


For the first time at the Art-Labyrinth Summer Festival, international musician Avi Adir, a professional musician and a traveler from Amsterdam, will play. We will also have a unique opportunity to learn directly from the...