June 28, Thursday

And also at this festival we were honored and lucky to participate in Full Moon Celebration

Full moon falls exactly on the middle of the festival, on June 28 (Thursday) this evening, we will celebrate unity with nature and the moon, feel its rhythms and the way we are filled with energy, like the seas in the tide, so the festival flows and occurs – here and now, and everything is just beginning.

On the Main Meadow we will gather under the deep sounds of gongs and didgeridoo, we will traditionally sing OM and light a fire. Our guests from Kiev Lab Sound Design will create a sound mystery, swinging the space, our beloved Cyril Sarsakov (Mowgli) will add fire and plastics, and all together we will pass to the main thing – dances under tambourines and drums.

More shamanism, depth, immersion, more lunar energy, the celebration of the very process of life – Full Moon is something you should visit at least once!