There are several choices:

How to get to the “Art-Labyrinth 2018” Alternative Art, Art and Consciousness Festival, which takes place this year near Feteşti village in Edinet district.

As usual, we organize transport from Chisinau to the festival itself, the cost is 120 lei. The journey takes 3.5 hours.

IMPORTANT – tickets are sold only in advance.

To buy a ticket you need to come to the Art Lab ( from 13 to 27 June between 18:00 and 20:00, and buy a ticket for the route you need. June 28 and June 30 tickets will be sold not in the Art Lab, but near the circus, from where the minibuses will go.

* Tickets can not be refunded.
Tickets will sell Vasily – 060238449. Please do not call for questions not related to transportation, and to arrange an appointment is also not necessary – just come at the specified time to the specified place.

The tickets for transport and for festival its possible to buy here:

Routes schedule:

Saturday, June 23 – 08.00, 16.00
Sunday, June 24 – 08.00
Monday, June 25 – 08.00
Tuesday, June 26 – 08.00
Wednesday, June 27 – 08.00, 17.00
Thursday, June 28 – 8.00, 18.00
Friday, June 29 – 8.30, 13.30, 18.30
Saturday, June 30 – 8.30, 13.30

The departure of minibuses, as usual from the Circus.

Important – the specified time – the time of departure of the minibus, since it must be in time for the next route, have to leave without delays. Bording starts 15 minutes before the time specified in the ticket you bought. Who is late – lets all the others down, so do not be late is not a request – but a demand.

On return transport tickets will be sold at the Info Center at the festival itself.

From Chişinău to Feteşti village:

Gara Nord Chisinau 022 411338

3:10 p.m.;
5:00 p.m.

120 lei ticket price

From Bălţi a small minibus a day at Feteşti.

8:00 p.m.
the ticket price is 60 lei
Auto station Bălţi 023143840

From Edinet goes the minibus every hour between 8.00 and 12.00

14:00 15:00 – the last two minibuses.

9 lei price

024628444 – Edinet Station

On own transport (option for motor-car enthusiasts) and hitchhiking (the most romantic way of movement):

You have to drive in the direction of Balti. To Balti it is better to drive/go on “betonka”, M14, it’s faster and the road is better – if you are getting to the festival by private car. Hitchhiking – better through the Orhei and Singerei.

From the city take bus number 47 or 2 till Cricova fork, there is the best place to start.
Drive to Edinet, at the entrance to Edinet – we turn left to the bypass, following the signs for Briceni.On the bypass pass the first circular movement continuing the movement along the signposts to Briceni

On the second roundabout (Rompetrol station), turn left onto New Gordinesti, Gordinesti, Fetesti. (Pointer to the Lopatnic). Pass New Gordinesti, after them Gordinesti – for them Fetesti. Here we closely follow the fest-flags (pointers).
The route runs along the village, the village leads one main turn, and from here there will already be signs and fest-flags (pointers) for the festival itself. Do not miss. If you passed, and Fetesti is already behind you – then you missed the turn, come back!
Further along the village you follow bright fest-flags (pointers), you drive through the whole village, and you come to the parking lot, where experienced parking guards will protect your steel friend.

Have a good festival experience!

We are waiting you at our festival!

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