Attention! Attention! Attention!

If you need some touristic equipment (sleeping bag, tent etc) you can rent it ONLY in touristic shops like: x-style, limon, maxmart, smadshop, netmarket. or from your friends.
Remember about material liability for rent equipment Firstly, examine the equipment if it is without defected.
Take care of equipment while you are using it. The equipment should be clear and dry, otherwise you’ll be fined.
Return equipment in time!

See you at festival!

Participants will live in conditions of temporary detachment from civilisation, surrounded by an atmosphere of tranquility and in balance with the nature.

The life in a tent

For experienced campers, there is nothing complicated about this; however, beginners often have a harder time. Indeed, at first it can be difficult to maintain some order in a house made of cloth and to sleep on a solid, flat surface. However, this will have a beneficial effect on your health and discipline. In this way and already by the second day, the small tent becomes a comfortable home. If you do not have your own tent, you can rent a “room” in the tent hotel.

Fresh air untouched by noxious car fumes, pure water from the spring, and charming views all around – what kind of vacation could be better? Obviously you need to prepare properly, e.g., you will need to bring some sunblock, something to repel mosquitoes, comfortable clothes and shoes.

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