with Anastasia Mostacci (Italy)

Anastasia Mostacci – is a teacher from Italy, that is practicing in her community , yoga for women in different stages of life, , and yoga nidra. She collaborates with the musician Marco Bernacchia, who offers her a creative and necessary space to practice Yoga Nidra. Among others, Anastasia studied in the class of the Italian teacher, the trainer Diletta Varlese (tantra and ) and the famous yoga therapist and teacher – trainer Urma Dinsmore – Tuli. Yoga nidra offers a space to explore what you need in this moment, and also, is a good opportunity to work on releasing long-lasting emotions. And because relaxation is more enjoyable when it is accompanied, ABOVE the Tree is the one that will synchronize the musical movements.

We deserve a relaxation, to feed our roots and memories of the soul, which we will certainly do at the festival. Do you think you need a breath? Give yourself a treat and relaxation at the festival!




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