Время МК: вт. ср. Tue, Wed 9:00
чт. Thu 9:00
Продолжительность МК: 1 час

— Basic:
This class is about how to clean your teeth in a natural way, with the
help of the Miswak Stick.
  The Miswak is a twig from a tree called «salavadore persica», many
ancient cultures where using it to keep their teeth healthy. Polish
your teeth with it and dental culculus (зубно́й ка́мень) can be
  Also we will learn how to use xylitol as a mouth wash, or make
sweeties with it, sweeties, that will actually help curing cavities
if used in the right way.
— from inside out:
In the Basic course we trained, to keep the teeth clean with a natural
brush and a mouthwash from xylitol.
  This course is about nutrition and its effects on our teeth. Our
ancestors (consuming a traditional diet)
  haven’t had toothpaste nor toothbrush, but did have perfect teeth. How?
  After the class you will know, why our society is deficient in
certain nutrients,
  which leads to decay of our teeth and body.
  With some simple food preparation methods and wise food choices you
can enhance your intake of important
  vitamins and minerals and cure your teeth and body.
Условия участия: 1 miswak stick, that can be bought at the class for 25 Lei

Имя мастера: Raffael Brunner

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