For the first time at the Art-Labyrinth Summer Festival, international musician Avi Adir, a professional musician and a traveler from Amsterdam, will play.

We will also have a unique opportunity to learn directly from the master!

Avi Adir will share his experience with a at the Festival!

Avi Adir – traveling through the world and sharing the deep flow of meditative music, Avi combines his unique voice with various instruments (Indian Bansuri, Armenian Duduk, Greek Bouzouki, Japanese Shakuhachi, Egyptian Ney, Flute and Indigenous peoples of the Americas Flute). Avi’s solo recital – a magical stream of that will lead you to the of your heart. “Music – is an instrument that helps me to tune with my true self. I am here to share with the glow of the divine life force flowing through me”.

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