Art objects and infrastructure are performed in a specific style, with elements of various ethnic traditions of our planet.

Each time we strive to create a unique atmosphere by choosing new locations for holding this magical event. We believe that the place is the “main participant” of the program, it largely determines what the festival will be like this year.

People come here for a strong existential experience, experiences, “experience” – that is the goal and idea.

Our traditions:

An eco-friendly, non-consumerist lifestyle, implying healthy vegetarian food, caring and respectful, non-violent attitude towards all living things, minimal use of plastic, disposable dishes, chemicals for washing and other “benefits of civilization”.

At the festival, waste is sorted, separately disposing of organic and inorganic waste, we take away everything after us, leaving the place of stay even cleaner than it was before us.

The labyrinth is closed to people whose goal is to achieve primitive pleasures through the use of alcohol and other means of altering consciousness.

The use of only natural materials in infrastructure, the selection of a musical program, master classes, seminars, performances, the absence of “elements reminiscent of the city” – together with a beautiful landscape – create that very atmosphere for which people come to us.


The project is non-commercial, it is organized thanks to the enthusiasm of a group of people who believe that art and music can bring positive changes and inspiration into the life of every person.

Everyone who gets to the festival automatically becomes its participant.

Questionnaires for participants:

Festival organizing team

Masters, Musicians, Artists

Art Labyrinth Summer Festival is not just an event, it is a movement that inspires positive changes in the lives of each participant.