Rent  tourist equipment (tent, sleeping bag, etc.) will NOT be available at our festival this year!


We remind you:

  • You bear full financial responsibility for the safety and integrity of the tourist equipment you hire!
  • Upon receipt, inspect the equipment, and if flaws are found, ask for the equipment to be reassured!
  • Watch for the dry and clean look of the tourist equipment you rented, otherwise you will be fined!
  • Return the equipment on time!


See you at the festival!

The goal pursued by Art Labyrinth is to improve the attitude of man to nature and towards each other. It was from these ideas that the concept, meaning and form of the festival was born. The participant has to live in conditions of a temporary distance from civilization, in an atmosphere of tranquility and balance with nature.

Life in the tent

For experienced tourists, there is nothing complicated in this, but beginners often have a hard time. Indeed, at first it is difficult to maintain a constant order in the house of cloth, to sleep on a solid, direct surface. But this has a beneficial effect on health and discipline. And already on the second day a tight tent becomes a comfortable home. If you do not have your own tent, you can buy a “room” in a tent hotel.

Fresh air, untouched by automobile gases, clean water from the spring, beautiful views around – what leave can be better? Of course, you need to properly prepare, taking comfortable clothes and shoes.

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