in the style of on the stage of Art Labyrinth

Lilia Hasanova and Anastasia Vitchinnikova, members of the collective “Balance” will show the of the “Amazon”.

You will see what capable two enthusiastic persons connected by one thing, one flight and one balance for two girls.

is a kind of sport, a combination of acrobatics and yoga. This is a pair yoga. One girl acts as a support, and the second moves from one position to another, being in the air and relying only on the partner.

Looking at the of the “Amazon” you can include your imagination to the fullest and enjoy a magnificent spectacle.

Well, those who want to get a on from Liliya Khasanova and Anastasia Vitchinnikova will be able to do this from June 23 to June 26 from 10 to 11 am .

After classes, you will become stronger not only physically, but also spiritually. Acquire self-confidence, your body, resilience and grace. Your partner can be anyone: mom, dad, the second half, brother, sister, girlfriend. But if you come alone, then the partner can be found at the lesson. A partner whom you will learn to trust, because without trust there will be no effective practice.

Come to Art Labyrinth! Enjoy the spectacle of and go to the master class.




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