AKROYOGA (Gala Sarah and Yuri Shkilev, Kiev)
We are glad to introduce you again our friends from Kiev with akroyoga for everyone!
There will be an interesting and difficult practice for advanced, and simple exercises for beginners, and fun games for everyone!
Akroyoga is a pair practice with acrobatic elements. AkroYoga is mainly aimed at the art of communication and interaction with the outside world and other people. Through the practice of akroyoga, women can work out such important aspects of relationships as trust, letting go of control over the situation, grace, physical and mental plasticity. It will be useful for men to work in situations where stability, support and support are required of them. In essence, this is a paired yoga session, during which one of the partners is a reliable support for the second partner, who performs smooth transitions in the air from one asana to another.
Classes are held by:
Gala Sara and Yura Shkilyov are the founders of the most large-scale AcroYoga movement in Ukraine and the main AcroYoga festival of the country – KyivAcroFest. The organizers of all the most significant seminars with visiting foreign akroyoga stars.
Their training took place at seminars of world famous acroyogis such as Josh Young, Lizzy Tomber (Acropedia, Acrorevolution USA) and Yaroslav Tua (Russia), Heidi Bleis, Jessie Goldberg, Eugene Poku (AcroYoga Montreal, Canada), Lux Sternstein (Acrogasm USA) and many others.
The founders of the country’s first teaching course on acroyoga.
Yogis with more than 10 years of experience in practice and teaching, trained and certified in India

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