A at the Art-Labyrinth 2019 festival will be held by Vadim Moroschuk: 90% of somatic diseases, not related to injuries and other external factors, arise from problems with the spine. These include inexplicable headaches, poor sleep, pain in the neck and back, slouching, cold allergies and much more. My method of help is aimed at the release and relaxation of the spine and thus all the neural connections. What as a result helps to get rid of a number of incomprehensible pain. Reflexology is rather a philosophical doctrine and art; it is the science of how to cure diseases and improve health in healthy people. With the help of methods of reflexology, the reflex zones of the nervous system are stimulated, and the impulses that arise during this process transmit signals to the necessary nerve centers. And only then, the nervous system sends these impulses to the diseased organ or organs, which should activate the self-healing system. “You cannot tell about the massage itself in a couple of sentences – this is a philosophy, first of all, a lifestyle,” as the teacher himself says. On this come and learn yourself)

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