Afro-dances are the living energy, the power of the Earth. Moving in the rhythm of the drums, you disconnect everything imposed from the head, and return to the primitive state of oneness with nature and your true source. Afro-dancers are available to everyone without exception, without experience, and at the same time interesting and useful for both beginners and artists, as they help to relax and further explore the possibilities of their bodies. At our festival, afro-dances will take place by the sound of live drums, in traditional way. We may even put a small for the closing of the festival) Elena Tomilova holds the class, does Afro-dances for more than 5 years, she studied in Africa (Mali), Europe, St. Petersburg and here in Chisinau with visiting masters (you probably all remember them – delightful Anne Reed and Mohammed Kante) Place: Art Scene

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