Anastasia Tarasenko and Alexander Chadaev will show a on Akro- at the Art Labyrinth festival.

If you want to:
– Learn the skills of acrobatics from beginner’s level;
– Bring the body into tonus;
– Improve stretch and flexibility;
– Learn to find a common language with a partner, more to trust him – you can get it all in a on Acro-Yoga.

Acro- is a sport, a combination of acrobatics and yoga. This is a pair of yoga. One of the partners acts as a support, and the second moves from one position to another while in the air, relying only on the other person.

Classes are held by our guests from Odessa Anastasia Tarasenko and Alexander Chadaev. Looking at them, you will see how cool and beautiful it is, and you will want to try it yourself. Master classes will be held from June 29 to July 1, from 16:00 to 17:00. They are designed for both beginners and people who have an average level in this practice. You’ll like it.

And at the end of each lesson you will receive a bonus – a great mood.


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