The most ancient type of batik – the nodular one – counts more than 10 centuries. Indochina is considered the birthplace of this art. And the word “batik” consists of two things: “ba” is a fabric, and “tick” is a point. The presence of special skills, artistic education and even the simple ability to draw – not necessarily. The principle of nodular batik: every piece of fabric that is not stained, is tied so that the paint does not fall into the knot. For this and need pegs, clips, cords. They do what in batik is called reservation fabric. Fabric can be twisted, folded, sewn, bend. Without a brush, you simply dip the cloth into a container with diluted paint. So usually spend multicolour dyeing. The process is progressive, not fast. Nodular batik is not the most capricious technique, it combines perfectly with others (with cold and hot batik). Often masters use it as a basis for a floral motif, which is further developed in the technique of cold batik.
* class is conducted by Alexandra Stepanova
* it is necessary to refund materials to the master in the amount of 10-15 lei
* will be held in the craft tent, the exact days and time – look for in the schedule

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