There are such voices which change the whole world around. You listen and gradually monotonous life disappears, stress, tumult, mobile phones, noises fade away… Trees become taller, stars brighter, and stories of great love and valor become reality.

A voice like this is going to be heard at our Art-Labyrinth Festival 2018. The lady who possesses it is called Barda. She comes to our hospitable country from Ismail, Ukraine. Talented singer and author of many songs in bard-folk genre, Barda wins the hearts with aerial melodies and her own energy. Under her fingers guitar strings create a new world full of heroes, knights and beautiful elves.

This year Barda comes to our Festival with two programs: her own songs and minstrel songs. Also there will be given two seminars.

Surprisingly, Barda insists that her talent is not a gift from God but an outcome of the tireless work. Maybe that’s why she designed a seminar for those who want to sing, but believe that they don’t have enough “talent”. Come to this vocal seminar at our Festival and start to believe in yourself! And for those who want to really get inside the thing, there is possibility to learn singing every day during the Festival and then continue practicing yourself at home. Please, contact the for agreement.

Next seminar – Universal information – is going to lift the veil over life of your soul, over its evolving and changings. New information this year.

Also, Barda is interested in rules and practices of hitchhiking and fancies historical reenactment. A wide-open field for interesting conversation outside of concerts, isn’t it?

This summer on the stages and near the bonfires we invite you to sing, discover yourself, breathe deeply and to the magical music.



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