Unusual group on the scene of Art-Labyrinth Festival.

Do you want to see something special? Come to see the of the ConDanSpace band (Lviv, UA).

ConDanSpace is an unusual group. Its participants, through the movements and plastique of their bodies, express on the stage very clearly such feelings like love, passion, communication – what is important for every person. Looking at their performance, you think: “How would look our life – if it were a dance”. Everyone will understand the of the participants, it touches the deepest strings of our soul.
Despite the fact that the members of the team are non-professionals, they perform at a high professional level.

ConDanSpace performs not only on stage. “Decorations” for the dances of the collective are the streets, the walls of houses, squares, abandoned houses, industrial zones and other unusual places that make the viewer take the more acute.

The dancers of ConDanSpace will show the performance “I’m Talking”. This is what members of the collective say about:
“The plastic performance “I’m Talking” reveals the subject of communication, which is the most important component in the daily life of people. We consider the spaces in which information is exchanged between people: sound, picture, smell, meaning … And if language is a system of signs, then why is “thought spoken is a lie”? We are looking for an answer in our body dialogues. And the answer sometimes happens, and sometimes it does not.”

Participants of the group performed in the streets of Lviv, at festivals in Uzhgorod and Kiev. And now they are coming to our festival.

Members of the team: Maria Bakalo, Anna Senyuta, Svetlana Smaznova, Bogdana Kachan, Yuliya Gushul, Tatyana Dolbysheva. accompaniment – Alice Lee.

Come to see. ConDanSpace will impress you!




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