The traditions of the festival:


  1. The festival takes place in the nature in an environment as ‘wild’ as possible. The location of the festival changes each year.
    2. The date of the festival depends on to the day of the summer solstice or full moon.
    3. The festival takes shape around a certain theme. All participants receive a pendant.
    4. Only ecological transport is allowed inside the territory of the festival.
    5. At the festival we take care of the nature, e.g., we do not cut down living (green) trees. We separate the garbage and leave the environment of the festival in a better condition than it was before our stay.
    6. We advocate “purity of consciousness” such that at the festival, we do not sell nor use alcohol, cigarettes or other substances that change the state of consciousness.
    7. The kitchens prepare only vegetarian food. We urge all participants to abstain from the consumption of animal food for the entire period of the festival.
    8. We encourage participation: as the festival is non-commercial, everyone who gets to the festival becomes a participant either by helping the festival with physical contributions, or by helping in terms of monetary contributions.
    9. The festival usually opens with the chanting of the sacred sound “Om” around the “Main Fire”.
    10. The festival is brought to a close with the burning of all structures at the “Main Fire”.

    Concept of the festival
  2.   The purity of the consciousness
        The area of the festival is declared free of alcohol and other means of causing a state of altered consciousness.

The following is a means of communicating the concept of non-alcoholism at the festival. It often happens that the new information passes through three stages of attitude towards it:

  • Opposition
  • Ridicule
  • Adoption      

         What are you going to gain if you give up drinking alcohol? The world was created for us to discover new and interesting things and experiences in order to help our own development and potential, and to enjoy the full realisation of ourselves in the world.

       The festival is a place where you can find out about plenty of new and interesting things, where you can try for yourself new activities, and where you can gain some new experience and new sensations.

       In order to do this, you need to free yourself from everything that is old and useless, e.g., alcoholic intoxication, which prevent you from acquiring and filling yourself with something new and exciting (the whole festival is at your disposal). You are given something that has never been with you before: new communication – new acquaintances, new seminars – new information, new master classes – new skills and knowledge, new music – new sensations. The result is that you become a better version of yourself and you get great opportunities and definitely the most enjoyable pleasure from all that is happening. The conclusion is that sobriety is so much better than clouding your consciousness since you gain much more.

         In contrast, what do you get if you return to the old, unnecessary habits: old communication about the same – no new acquaintances; unwillingness to go anywhere – no interesting information, no knowledge nor skills; at concerts – everything as usual in a drunken intoxication.

         Therefore, the conclusion should be obvious: why go so far to get drunk, when you can drink in a bar, at home, or in the woods nearby – still nothing new will happen in your life. You will lose a lot, especially yourself. Thus, the Art-Labyrinth festival is closed to people whose goal is to achieve primitive pleasures with the help of alcohol and other means of changing consciousness.

          You concentrate either on what is worth your attention, or on what isn’t worth your attention. Therefore, you get what you pay attention to. Either your life will be worthless and empty, or filled with beauty and pleasant moments with new interesting information. You will glow with happiness! Enjoy your journey around the grounds of new knowledge and amazing activities.


  1.    Respect for the natural environment

       The festival adheres to the policy of the maximum respect to the life in the wild. The place is wild enough, and within the area of the festival grounds and in the zone of visibility, there are no man-made objects (except for the festival ones, of course). There are only a few places like this and yet it is still possible to find some.

          Participants should not inflict any damage to the natural environment, leaving it in the same, or better, state than in which they found it. Thus, please leave no traces of civilisation, e.g., rubbish. etc. All the garbage will be sorted: the plastic will be taken to Chisinau to the processing plant, whilst the glass and the organic will be buried. We try to bring with us as little rubbish and plastic material as possible.

          We live in tents, cooking on an open-fire… and from the distant civilization, we have borrowed only the art and closer elements of archaic and ethnic cultures.

          We are truly attentive to the way our presence affects the environment and the nature. We are guests here. We definitely do not cut any green branches, we do not use any detergent close to the river, we do not burn any plastic. We use the most authentic and natural household appliances. The place after our departure must be as clean or even cleaner than it was before our arrival.


  1.   Participation

      As the festival is a non-profit one, we encourage everyone to get involved and participate in the festival. You can volunteer to help out before and during the festival, either with the cultural and art programmes, or with your physical labour. Of course, you can just buy a ticket and become a participant, or help out in monetary terms by donating to the festival via the website.


Rules of the Festival:

  1. 1. It is forbidden to bring and consume alcohol of any kind and quantity in the area of the festival grounds. The area of the festival is declared to be anti-alcoholic.
  2. The participants of the festival have the full right to: i) promote a sober lifestyle to those whom they consider necessary; ii) not to be limited to the time and place of discussion or the nature and quality of information; iii) try to present in a polite and non-aggressive way the benefits of a sober pastime on the festival grounds.
  3. The participants of the festival have the right to expel from the grounds any abusers of alcohol, those who behave disrespectfully, violently, aggressively, and who disturb the event and the guests.
  4.         It is forbidden to harm the natural environment in any way, e.g., by cutting of living (green) branches and trees, burning plastics, using detergents close to the river and water sources.
  5. It is forbidden to drive a car onto the area of the festival. A parking lot has been organised for car-owners which is out-of-sight and with security. Of course, this may be inconvenient for car-owners, but for the majority of participants, it will be comfortable not to be subjected to noxious fumes nor be disturbed with from car speakers.

By visiting the festival as a guest, or as a volunteer, you agree to abide by the rules of the festival.