is a Theatrical Studio from Moldova that specializes in the fascinating genre of metaphysical drama. The main objective of ZaO’s work is to reveal subtle aspects of the human psyche by introducing the practice of and ritual into theatrical play. The company uses little to no decorations and costumes, which brings the as close as possible to reality – and beyond.

Actors: Alexandr Voloshin, Serghei Raulet, Vadim Eleni, Vasile Florea, Iulia Pinzari, Nata Britkova, Natalia Zdibniac, Natalia Ceban, Olga Shatova and Cristina Roabes. Director: Iulia Pinzari.

The play odyssey “Conversations with Space” created by Vladimir Shimansky is an improv that contains three short stories unfolding in three different settings. This participatory features direct interaction between the actors and the audience. What does a particular point of space and time want to share with us? Come see – and play your part in creating the narrative!


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