A truly interesting and useful experience is cooking for yourself on an open fire. We encourage you to bring pans, bowls, spoons, and your own food in order to try your hand at being a chef in the wild.

For those who are willing to give more time to self-development and attending interesting programs and master classes, we have arranged a common “Food Court”. It represents one common area where you can find four different types of cuisine: Vegetarian, Vegan, Vedic, and Raw. This is in order to make sure each festival visitor can continue on their own particular diet and maybe even try something different. Also located at the “Food Court” are tea and lemonade stalls. The working hours of the “Food Court” are from 8:00 am until 10:00 pm. All facilities are located in this one single place. Around the various kitchens, there are different types of seating: traditional common tables, tree stumps, sofas, and logs as well as some more cozy places made up of pillows, benches, standing tables, hay fields, etc. Also located in this common catering area are equipped springs where you can wash your hands before eating and, if desired, do the dishes. The stage is located nearby in a convenient place for spectators. At the edge of the “Food Court” can be found two toilets.


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