Andrey Utenkov comes from Odessa and brings with him a huge spiritual world, a realm where everything is possible, and even those who think it’s impossible, he proves you can. He will also perform a two-day lab, BUTO – “diving” in nature, asserting that for him the buto is “dream time”. The time at which anything can be upgraded. Any desire, sketch, imagination, dream and aspiration.

For the art world, buto is an avant-garde that involves the viewer in a close interleaving of the exalted and border states. The theme of this lab is “Diving in Nature”. With the help of attention, imagination and movement in the space of images, we will build a bridge between two natures: external and internal.
Using techniques, we’ll look for ways to connect with the main elements: earth, water, fire, air, wood.
Therefore, by accepting participation in the lab, you assume responsibility for your physical and mental state:
– Merge with the ground and “break” into it.
– Look for the source of emotions and listen to your body.
– Light a inside and burn in it.
– Rebirth by inhalation and exhalation, making it easier than air.
with the trees.

Our goal is to unite all elements in its inner nature. On the last day of the lab we will have a common interpretation with the participants and the guests of the festival.
Important: Buto practices are designed for a healthy and flexible psychic.
Be careful about your inner response and the desire to go on this bridge.

The lab will take two days. Every day we go to the depths of the forest for 6-7 hours.
The third day is preparation for performance.
The laboratory performed by: Andrey Utenkov.
Dancer, artist, theatre group leader.
Data: 27.28. 29 – preparation and presentation.
Running from 11 to 19.
on June 25 at 21:00




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