13393467_834215620044309_680488495_nGreetings from the ecological team for the Art Labyrinth Summer Festival!
We are looking forward to the 3rd of July and we hope that you are too.
The spirit of the festival is to leave the place clean, and even cleaner than we found it! You will find many trash points around the camp so please use them!
As you are a part of the festival, we are counting on you to adopt a few simple routines (you may already be used to doing them):
* Collect your trash (even cigarette butts)
* Sort your trash at the trash points (one bin is for metal/glass, another bin is for plastic and plastic paper, and there is a hole in the ground for compost, vegetable and fruit peels, and paper)
* Respect the conditions of use for the spring/river (keep all chemical products far away!)
* Use your reusable objects (show others how great they are!)

We ask you to be aware of our routines because the processes of nature, as you know, are interdependent and cyclical. For example, if we use shampoo in the river, the chemical products will impact the flora and fauna, and it can also contaminate the surface and ground water. Consequently, this will impact the people from the villages around who use this same water for drinking. Thus, if we continue in such a manner, future generations will imitate these actions and bad habits and they may suffer from more health issues.
Another reason for asking you to respect our routines is that by separating the organic waste, there will be less solid waste that will need to be cremated at the end of the festival. Thus, it’s a lot more ecological and it will only take you a few minutes of your time each day!
So thank you a lot for helping us to implement these small but significant changes which will have only positive and beneficial effects for our planet Earth.