Volunteers needed for organization of the XII-th Art-Labyrinth Summer Festival

Dear friends

We are glad to invite you to participate in the organization of the VIII-th Alternative Art and Culture Festival “Art-Labyrinth – 2019”.

Summer festival is a traditional annual event, which is held in the midst of nature in some of the most scenic and beautiful places in Moldova. It lasts for 5 days and hosts about 2000 of people. Festival is the space for different performances by local and international musicians, performances, movie screenings, land-art, handcraft expositions, and numerous workshops and seminars. The festival is non-commercial; it is organized due to the enthusiasm of a group of people who believe that art and can bring a human touch and inspiration. Besides that, we are proud to make it with a sense of Eco-sustainability; the ecological build infrastructure of the festival is made from local materials.

Festival is a good opportunity to:

– Participate in organizing a major event, acquire team work experience,

– Share the best of your knowledge and experience with others,

– Meet new people and make new friends,

– Spend time working and resting in the midst of nature, away from urban environment,

– Learn to play and improvise with different musical instruments during evenings in front of -camp

Volunteers will be provided with food during the working days. Those who will accumulate an 15-20 hours of volunteering during Seed Camp preparations, or 12 hours during the festival will be provided with the free entrance for the festival.

How you can be involved in the preparation of the festival:

– Coach other volunteers and organize team work, be a volunteer team-leader,

– Participate in building festival objects of main points (Welcome-center, Info-center, Main Fire, Vegan Kitchen, stage, Art stage, Electro-improvisational stage, Kids area, Shambala, Master grad, Tea Place),

– Participate in organizing the infrastructure and services of the Festival (Transportation, Security, Volunteers, Waste Management, Foto and Video documentation, Parking, Bridges, Toilets, Water springs, Lumber, Advertising, Storage)

– Help with food preparation during the seed camp and festival.

In case you would like to participate we look forward to hear from you. Please let us know about your intention sending a short notice on:

e-mail: [email protected],

or contacting us via phone:



tel:079601910 Andrey or 068324542, 079287736 (Sasha)