Welcome to Art-Labyrinth. An annual summer festival dedicated to creativity, self-development, and living in the wild. Each year we choose a new location to hold the festival. Arriving at the event, you immediately become not only its guest but also an integral part of it, participating in the cultural program and filling the space with your energy.

A rich cultural program of concerts, seminars, master classes, spiritual practices, and performances allows you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the event. Each event at the festival becomes a little adventure, in which each participant can find something inspiring and meaningful for themselves.

What to bring

A tent or a hammock (depending on what and how you find more comfortable to sleep in), a tarp in case of rain, sleeping bags. Despite the high summer temperatures, we advise you to bring warm clothes for the evening. Personal hygiene items, sunscreen, mosquito repellent. Swimwear. Dishes and utensils for cooking if you want to cook yourself.


In the kitchen, you can eat hearty and healthy food. The vegetarian cuisine is filled with various dishes made from fresh, nutritious ingredients. You can also enjoy healthy and refreshing drinks at the Tea House.

We refrain from consuming animal products and invite you to do the same during the festival.

How to get there

Make a contribution to the festival

Participate as an artist/master/musician