A sound journey where you can relax and watch how the sounds of authentic musical instruments bring the effect of complete dissolution in sound, stopping inner dialogue and deep relaxation of body and mind.

Calming and deepening the process of breathing, getting rid of restless thoughts.

The sound session has an incredibly powerful therapeutic effect, immersing the human body in a state of acoustic deprivation, turning off excess mind control, including increased of the autoimmune system, allowing the body to self-repair.

It improves hearing, sight, attention, tactile sensations, brain activity. Improves the pineal gland. Restores human bio field. Helping to destroy the parasites in the body. Improves the work of internal organs. Restores the nervous system. Relaxes the muscular corset and eliminates stiffness.

It restores neural connections, contributes to the cure of autism. This is not a panacea, but an opportunity to develop a full-fledged functioning of the organism, and at another higher and more conscious level interact with the world.

In general, the words do not describe it …. you need to feel it…



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