Meet our guest from Kiev – Anastasia Nedobitkina.
Nastya will hold three master classes at the festival:
1. Laboratory of Conscious Movement (LCM).
2. Types of Contact: Lead-Following Techniques, Therapy, Conscious Movement.
3. Contemporary Zouk (flights, support, partnering, dance).
Location: Art Scene
Anastasiia Nedobytkina – an enthusiastic dancer, therapist, trainer of awareness and conscious movement, an experienced teacher and choreographer (more than 10 years experience with Brazilian, social and contemporary dance, more than 40 choreographic productions), was trained in leading schools in Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, Spain , Japan and the CIS, she taught in more than ten countries of the world, working in tandem with the flagship directions of ZOUK, CONTACT IMPROVISATION, CONTEMPORARY Dance.

The head of the Brazilian Arts Workshop “ZUKraina” / ”ZOUKraine” (since 2012), whose goal is to popularize Brazilian culture and in Ukraine. The coordinator of the annual international samba and zook flashmob in Ukraine, initiated the emergence in Ukraine of such Brazilian dances as samba de gafieira, samba no pe, Brazilian bolero, giving special love to the dance zouk.

Founder of the Laboratory of Conscious Movement, leading trainings, lectures, master classes and laboratories in different cities of Ukraine and abroad, including participation at many other different festivals.

The head of family development and leisure space #EVOLutionStudio in Kiev, the founder of a number of events, including #SynergyFest #SynergyFest festival, projects: Star Making Party, Zouk-WCS-Hustle Crossover, Professional Exchange & Socil Dance Battle.

The author of the basic program “The Dance Wizard Course” and the techniques of working on solo and pair dance Dance Evolution (Contemporary Social Dance Art Evolution, EvZouk, 2014), the organizer of annual international educational events and rating competitions, contributed to the emergence and development of new directions of Brazilian dance in several cities of Ukraine. By an independent vote, she was awarded an international award and the Cup “For the Contribution to the Development of the Zouk in the CIS” (2015).

Having a professional and coaching education, she continues to improve and improve her skills in the areas of performing arts, modern dance and art therapy: dance-movement therapist and body-oriented practices. She shares knowledge, technique, teaching experience and philosophical understanding of the role of dance, contact and conscious movement in the applied aspects of life with love.

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