Playback Theatre is a type of modern theatre built on the stories of the audience. Its mission is to tell the story of each person and to hear it. And the goal is the acquisition of integrity and unity with the world and life through the art of improvisation. This addresses a person – an actor who observes theatre in his life and wants to see the life of the theatre in itself. Preparation is not important. Master class is suitable for everyone. – What will happen – – body inclusiveness — the foundations of the Playback Theatre philosophy — techniques of and spontaneous interaction — group games. Funny and wise at the same time — interaction with living people and honest stories — connection with oneself and space — inspiration and impetus for the development in Chisinau of the Playback Theatere, which constantly plays (my hope) The lesson is conducted by: Utenkov Andrey – actor, host and manifestor of the Odessa Playback theatres: “Like at Home”, “Shades of Sinego” and “Anything Can Be.” Actor, performer, psychologist, dancer, trainer, person. Location: Art Scene See you on the stage of life;)

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