Town of Masters, which will be collected and compact reconstructed ancient arts and crafts, and built the furnace, and other necessary structures. Such as pottery kilns, a potter’s wheel, oven bread, a small smithy, a workshop for wood carving, working with leather, making handmade books, manufacture of ancient musical instruments. It organized the main platform for master classes, as well as performing artists exhibitions master-classes.

MASTER-GRAD – space for crafts and laboratories

Applied arts and crafts, when you can do something with your own hands (and also take it with you!) have always had a special success at the festival.

There is nothing more pacifying than the process of manual work. And already with what and how to work – everyone chooses according to his taste.

For these classes we create a special zone – Master City – Master Grad. This year the master grad slightly updated the concept, and now almost all applied classes in this area will take place in the laboratory format – that include multi-day research techniques, every day a new step in mastering the craft.

This includes:

Laboratory for clay – everything from processing raw materials to decorating the product, with technical feasibility – roasting (or we’ll tell you where to burn the finished product in Chisinau!)

Laboratory work on leather (ATTENTION! The involves the payment of materials depending on the chosen product!)

Laboratory for Metal (ATTENTION: The involves payment of materials)

Production of flutes (ATTENTION: The includes PRELIMINARY REGISTRATION (069130332 Andrei) and payment for materials)

Construction of natural materials: You can participate in the creation of a kiln for firing clay, from mining a stone of sand and clay to a finished working furnace.

Soap: You will learn how to make soap with your hands from natural materials.

Slack-line – laboratory: Every day from morning till night you can learn, compete, entertain and improve your skills on slack-lining.

For an exact schedule of laboratories, look for the info board!

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