Do not miss the at the Art Labyrinth festival!

What is the Movement research class? This is the “study of the movement.” It will be a very unusual occupation.

How would this happen? There will be music, and the participants of the will freely. The movements will express the inner world of everyone, that is, the participants will move as the inner voice tells them. They will improvise, that is, create a during its execution. They will improvise together with a partner or partners by touching them. The participants of the will make deft and easy movements with their bodies, and how to do it and how to find the right image will show the master Maria Bakalo.

The lesson will be held on June 28 and it will last 2, 5 hours.

This is a very unusual and very interesting practice. You will get an unforgettable experience in this lesson.

Unlikely anywhere in Moldova you can still try the Movement research. So come on Art Labyrinth!




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