* Preliminary registration is necessary to calculate the amount of materials * 079683343 * In Russia there were about 500 different national dolls. They were divided into three categories: charms (performed a protective function), game dolls (made as toys for children) and ritual dolls (made specially for participation in Slavic rites). These dolls accompanied our ancestors throughout their lives: from birth to death, daily and during the most important events. The coastal dolls were designed to protect their masters from the hardships of life, disease, poverty and other ills. Each pupa is made in a certain way based on the old “secrets” (principles of production). As part of this master class, we will make with you a very powerful doll “Nerazluchnniki”. It is created to harmonize relations in a couple and to attract the second half into your life. Come to the master class, and take with you a handmade amulet of great charm. !! only for women, children and men can not participate! Place: tent for crafts Master class held by Ekaterina Mikitenko

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