Ceremony of the Festival Art-Labyrinth 2019

June 18, Thuesday

An important sacral moment of launching an already revitalizing project into space. When everything is ready and we are all waiting for that magical, unforgettable, every time different, each time for its own, but always alive and very changing – people, reality, maybe the whole world.

The of the Festival is the opening of one’s heart towards the experience and the beautiful, towards each other, towards another world. Let’s live this meeting in its entirety, rejoicing and dancing!

The process will begin with a traditional procession throughout the festival, a kind of familiarity with the objects where everything will happen, and it will lead us to the Main Glade to the Main Fire – the central fire. We will stand in a circle and the will be lit. As always, we will join hands and sing the OM mantra, in order to adjust the resonance of the space to one wave.

And after that, the noise, fun, dances, rhythms, show, and here’s the festival started !!

Art-Labyrinth is waiting for ALL YOU!