“Remember your real self!”
This year, Anna Selivanova is ready every day to conduct Regressions into past lives.
For what?
Find the root causes of problems in this life.
In any area: health, relationships, finance, implementation and others.
When something goes wrong, the reason most often lies in the lessons that were not passed in past incarnations. Returning to the past, we find the key moment when the knot of problems has started. In this recollection and observation, healing takes place.
You will experience results in real life.
Resource (Any you need in order to pass the lessons in the current incarnation).
You can take a resource from the past life, the experience that has already been acquired, and translate it into this life.
For example, the ability to draw, subtle “superpowers”, etc.
Through relaxation, you immerse yourself in a light trance while remaining fully conscious.
Anna can also conduct individual Regressions at the festival and in Chisinau.
Here is the link to her page: https://www.facebook.com/selivanova.anna

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