The Art Labyrinth festival gives us an opportunity to laugh at hapless lovers. They really wanted to change their wives, but they did not succeed. Why? Let’s see the -farce “Count Nulin & Landlord”. This performance will be presented at the festival stage by the graduates of the actor’s department of the Slavic University.

When staging a farce, the works of A. Pushkin “Count Nulin” and I. S. Turgenev “Landlord” were used. Despite the fact that the works of the classics of Russian literature are taken as a basis, the play is very relevant. In this humorous and funny comedy, we will observe the failed attempts of the protagonists to commit adultery.

The roles are played by Anastasia Nepritskaya, Olesya Mikulets, Anna Goryachka, Irina Tesleva; director: Ksenia Kurenkova; light operator and sound engineer: Victor Neznanov and Milen Kel.

Actresses engaged in the this year finish their studies at the Slavic University. But, despite the youth, these are already experienced actresses, because they played in the productions of the well-known theater “From the Streets of Roses” in Moldova and participated in many theatrical international festivals.

Come to Art Labyrinth. Let’s see how, despite the great temptation:
“The law of decency, ….
… ..Sacred, strictly observed,
Let virtue triumph! ”
Let’s laugh together!



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