The practice of ashtanga-vinyasa is a flow. The dynamic, fluid flow of energy, the flow of movement and breathing. It uniquely affects the human condition, giving a feeling of freedom, joy and unity with the world, helping to find peace, control, strength, endurance and flexibility. It is not for the first time that an experienced instructor Nagina will conduct yoga at the festival, she will also conduct therapy with the help of Tibetan bowls. Nagina has been leading trainings and psychological seminars since 1995. Student of Indian masters since 1999. Osho Center since 1999. Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga instructor since 2002. Master of Reiki since 2003. Master of the Chinese tea ceremony (her own school since 2005). The organization and maintenance of her yoga center Ansuya Yoga Center since 2008. Regressive therapy and since 2008.

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