Hello, dear friends! This year, at the Art-Labyrinth festival, Rebirthing will be held by Rebirthing and Children’s instructor, Photographer, Contact Researcher – Druzhinina Natalya Rebirthing (re-birth) – the science of how to as well as air. Rebirthing was officially recognized as a highly effective psychotherapeutic and general health technology in 1974. The author of this technique is Leonard Orr. Breathing is the basis of life. Allowing the life energy to flow freely into the body, deeply taking every breath, we penetrate deeper into the understanding of the integrity and total perfection of everything around us, including ourselves, others, events and phenomena. This makes us even more open, sensual and liberated, confidence and confidence in ourselves then => people => the world As a wave gently washes the shore of the earth and returns to the ocean, to its creator, at the same time being the same, our breathing also – with a sigh, the life energy fills our body, returns with an exhalation to the source and back.. We can consciously live it , rejoice and be both observant and creative. To feel this source and to be it, having no boundaries and notions about separateness. Being in this stream we give the body a deep relaxation, peace and tranquility to the mind, ease and joy to the soul. By points can be identified the following important moments that make up the overall goal of working with the Rebirthing technique: * relive own birth; *removal of the effect of birth injuries on the current individual reality; * release of repressed emotions and blocked energies; * correction of negative patterns for positive; * reaching a new level of consciousness * seeing your life from a different angle * discovering new abilities and talents in yourself * getting out of cyclical problem situations * raising the level of vital energy * getting rid of chronic diseases * getting a powerful impetus for fulfilling cherished desires * getting a transpersonal, mystical experience.

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