Sound as an oscillating motion of the particles plays a crucial role in our lives. Sometimes we do not even notice what’s happening around us and the impact of these rhythms on our body as a whole, not to mention in particular. Thanks to music, or when we listen to certain sounds, we can meditate, we can balance the state of mind and performance, or vice versa, we become lethargic and sleepy. All this depends not only on the style and volume of music, but also on the reproducible frequencies that, in one way or another, affect our psycho-emotional state.

This Master-Class, first of all, is dedicated to people who want to create a good sound at home, because this sound certainly has a beneficial impact on our body and our psycho-emotional state.

In this Master-Class we will approach such sciences as anatomy and physics, this Master-Class will last for 60-90 minutes and will take place for 4 days.




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