Varnashrama-dharma is an ideal social structure that has existed, according to the statement of the Vedas, since the creation of the material Universe. The perfection of the Varnashrama-dharma lies in the fact that the structure of such a society is based on a complete understanding of the essence of human life and the complete structure of the human body (gross material (physical) and subtle (psycho-energetic and spiritual). Therefore, in such a society one can see a perfect synthesis of human needs, which requires not only material support for its physical existence in this world, but also the spiritual component of the human body – the need for self-awareness of its purpose, its deep spiritual nature, awareness of its eternal relationship with God. We do not live in an ideal society, but in order to come to this, it is necessary that as many people as possible hear about the ideal structure of society. Come to the festival “Art Labyrinth” this year and attend master classes that you like)

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