Art-Labyrinth’s Summer Festival is an annual event that takes place in the natural environment, in the most picturesque and beautiful places of Moldova. It lasts for 7 days and brings together about 2,000 people of all ages.

Our festival is non-commercial and it is organized by an enthusiastic group of people who consider that art and can bring positive changes and inspiration into each person’s life.

The first Art-Labyrinth festival was held in 2008 and since then we have come a long and interesting way. During this time, we have acquired a core audience who come every year, and at the same time, the event has become more widely known with the result that many people also come for the first time.

Every year, we look for a new and picturesque place in the wild; a place necessarily unknown by tourists so that almost all of the guests get to see some of the most charming places in our country for the first time. We think that the place is ‘the most important part’ of the program – to a large extent, it determines the way the festival is going to be that year.

The use of only natural materials for the infrastructure, the selection of the musical program, master-classes, workshops, performances, the lack of those “elements” reminding us of the city along with a wonderful landscape creates a truly unique atmosphere which draws people to the festival again and again. Everything that is built here and everything that happens tends to affect each person in an unusual way that is completely different from their daily hectic routine.   


The art installations and infrastructure are created with a specific style, combining elements of different ethnic traditions from around the world.

The program on offer is just as important and varied – performances of local and foreign musicians, theatrical plays and film screenings, performances and land-art, handicraft expositions, and plenty of master-classes and workshops for many different topics.

When creating a program, we consider the following criteria:

— the unusualness and the uncommonness of the performance, subject, etc. (at least for Moldova);

     — the positive and life-affirming effects for the individual and also for society as a whole;

     — the participation, i.e., the maximum involvement and interaction of the guest in the artistic process such that they no longer become just passive observers but active participants.

Festival’s Goals


The festival does not only provide unforgettable impressions and good rest, it enriches spiritually and intellectually. Interesting and entertaining classes held in the open air will broaden your horizons, and maybe help acknowledge important life lessons. Firstly, we try to teach our guests to be good hosts – wise and responsible – for their planet. However, we do not impose our own point of view as the participation at any of the workshops or master-classes is entirely optional and of one’s own free will. What the Art-Labyrinth team truly looks forward to is:

— to provide bright impressions to the guests;

     — to create a peaceful and magical atmosphere;

     — to instil a positive attitude and respect for nature;

     — to spread the ideas of non-violence, healthy lifestyle, and ecology.