The layouts are an amazing 21st century method. For 1-2 hours of participation in the arrangements, it is possible to do something that can take years of psychotherapy, you can live the experience of several generations. Of course, provided that we ourselves want these transformations. Arrangements provide an opportunity to see why we are in a particular situation, in a particular lesson. It is difficult to tell about arrangements, you can see and feel them. What is possible thanks to the arrangements: – See and harmonize relationships with loved ones; – find out the underlying causes of physical ailments and severe physical conditions; – find resources and opportunities for active implementation. And other issues in important aspects of life. For substitutes, participation in arrangements allows: – to get acquainted with the new facets of your life; – to expand the range of feelings; – to develop a non-judgmental view of events; – to develop intuition, empathy Held by Anna Antonyuk

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