Every year our Festival is visited by a lot of guests and artists from all over the world. These are people, who really enjoy their job, feel the vibe, want to share it. These are artists, travellers, wanderers, pilgrims. They are – Tamala. That’s how the word “nomad” sounds in one of Malian dialects of bambara.
Headliners o our 11 th Art-Festival – band Tamala, who will bring us the real spirit of West Africa.

Turn your way, nomad, to the place
Where Africa’s heart pulses and contracts.
It lives in the sounds of thousand drums,
It drums in sounds of voices.

Tamala is an African band, which performs traditional tunes of different nations of Western Africa. Sons of Mali, free musicians, Tamala are in never-ending movement towards improvement. They travel, perform, sing and develop themselves, soaking African spirit in their melodies. Their voices blend with the sound of strange musical instruments (all made from “kalebasi”, African pumpkins). Beat of drums and fiery rhythms get under your skin and make your body dissolve into dance.

Let your spirits beat to a distant
Dreams of Africa, children of the sun

Scent and voice of hot African earth, sound of merriment afoot will flood you over every evening at the Main Fire. Tamala will please us with concerts, jam-sessions, classes of African and playing drums.
Those who want to meet this astonishing group before Art-Festival are invited to participate in their concerts and workshops all over Moldova. But until that, free your spirit, breathe deep and raise your hands to touch hot and yellow African sun!

Africa, Mon Africa-a-a…
Talking drums are calling us to dance!

Tamala music:
Tamala Facebook:
Concert in Chisinau:

*Supported by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC



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