is the art of connecting with our energy by the method of being and love.

This wonderful includes a cinematographic studio, theater, dance, plastic, poetry, drama, and much more.

This is a laboratory of co-existence: thoughts and emotions, different styles, themes, genres, which in truth are a reflection of art!

The Theater – The Laboratory won the prize in the contest poems of poetry “Valery Kupcha” – 2017, and Yevgeny Matkovsky, the director-creator of the -laboratory, won the prize for the Guide in “Gala Premiilor Unitem” 2018.

We are happy to receive them at our festival, because the is an ancient practice of directing attention to a great message, and this message is revealed in the play “Violonistul Diavolului».

The play tells the details of the life and work of Nicolo Paganini, shows how Devil may have influenced the development of psychology and music. Starting with the times of Giuseppe Tartin and finishing with examples from our days.

In the end, everyone will have their own answer to the question: “Who lives in each of us?” Paganini or Devil? ”



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