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Most philosophical and religious worldviews, scientific and psychological concepts converge in one statement – there is life.
A person can lose money, loved ones, children, home, health, but as long as he is alive – there is always an opportunity to change something.

According to the latest sociological and economic research – we live in the era of post-capitalism. This means that the desire to increase personal capital, the vertical hierarchy of management and the centralization of power and resources no longer satisfy humanity. In simple terms, we realized that consumption, accumulation and authoritarian power do not make us happy. It would seem a simple idea, but in order to realize it we needed a century with two world wars, mass insanity and genocide, a century of people of refrigerators and people of television sets, an era of tyrants and dictators, a century of depressions and single people. We do not diminish the merits of scientific and medical progress, revolutions in art, free access of people to information and the possibility of democratic elections. We say only that a modern person, having access to all the knowledge about the structure of the world and himself, all the same, rarely feels alive, happy and complete.

Why, for the most part, do we not use the opportunities that life gives us? Why we do not reveal its full potential?

Perhaps because we turned our attention to other values. Perhaps because we have forgotten that man is a small part of one large ecosystem. Perhaps because we have forgotten that between man, humanity and the planet Earth there is a direct connection.
This is about the law of action and opposition, which I put in – and I get it. If I create destruction and aggression around myself, build dependent relationships, then I live in a world of fear and violence. But if I seek peace within myself and outside, I build honest relationships with people, I care about nature, then reality answers me the same.

We try to live that way. Therefore, we are making the Art-Labyrinth Festival – a space for life.

If you recall the mythological image of the labyrinth created by Daedalus on the island of Crete, then involuntarily, an association with a metropolis city suggests itself. Its endless turns and walls, among which people wander for which the monster hunts Minotaur, symbolizing fear. The exit from the maze indicates the thread of Ariadne – the primordial soul. This thread stretches from the heart of each person to the truth, the truth, the present.

This is the path of the heart, the path of love. Love does not know accumulation and possession. Her path is a practice, concrete actions aimed at increasing life. Love is the ability to give, share, give all of yourself whole, not sparing your stomach and not expecting a reward. Wise men, great books and teachings also speak about this.

We do not know all the answers. We do not know what the world will be like tomorrow, but we know how we want it to be. This is the world of happy people living in harmony with nature in love and creativity. Let’s create it together. Let’s continue life together.

Andrey Utenkov



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