The international ecological festival Art-Labyrinth, dedicated to creativity and protection of nature, is waiting for its new and old participants. All who want to relax from the city noise and monotony, learn a lot of new things and find new friends – are welcomed guests on our holiday.

What does the festival offer the participant?

It’s impossible to describe all in details, since in each year the program is updated. A lot of music, dance, the atmosphere of harmony, unity with nature. Spiritual and physical exercises, the opportunity to find oneself, friends by interests. The festival helps a person to be refreshed, to find in himself strength and talents.

What do you need to participate?

Art-Labyrinth is a non-profit organisation. But everyone who wants to become a part of the festival contributes to its development.

There are three main ways to do this:

  • Become a volunteer – help the organisers with the construction of facilities, cooking, preparing the spot, etc.
  • Participate in the Art-Labyrinth program – carry out lectures, master classes, trainings and other …
  • This year Art-Labyrinth festival will completely relay on donations, so help us with your donation.

Your contribution gives you the possibility to: 5 days accommodation in the festival grounds, and visit to more than 50 master classes, concerts, and much more.

Traditions of the Art-Labyrinth

  • Careful attitude to nature;
  • Garbage collection before and after the festival;
  • On the territory of the festival – only ecological transport;
  • It is forbidden to drink alcohol;
  • Only vegetarian food is prepared in the kitchen and in the canteens, meat consumption is not prohibited, but not welcomed.

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