Alfa-Gravity – the set of special exercises with driving force – gravity.

The name consists of equality the begin of (alfa) and gravitation (gravity).
The system allows the person to in three-dimensional space and at the same time uses Spreads burden of his own body.
In the classroom of the new system the body rejuvenates the natural way, the man begins to live in a different state.

Many people slouch, stoop – the result of gravity, – classes becomes possible to overcome the force of gravity, to stretch the spine and muscles. These exercises are the mental and physical. Consciousness is in harmony when the body straightened.
Training at Alfa Gravity system feeds the body with energy and restores joints, positive effect on strengthening the skeleton, pulls the spine, making the body supple, restores the nervous system and cardiovascular.

Alpha Gravity fits to all who care about their health.

Master: Tasha Teroschina

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